Zero-liter urinal
Each urinal can save up to 100,000 liters annually
Reduce your Co2 footprint by 17.5 kgs per year
Touchless technology

Safeguard your patrons with technology that prevents the spread of harmful viruses and bacteria.

Our Microbiological Odour trap kills odour causing bacteria and neutralizes uric acid. the result, if untreated is what rots pipes with traditional flush urinals.

"NTR (National Training Rinks) was set up to be a new unique hockey experience...We viewed the Urimat urinal system as a great separate us once again from the rest! ...the team at Swiss Eco was and is there whenever we need them...we are glad we made the shift to waterless urinals in all our facilities."
W. Jarvis, Owner @ NTR - National Training Rinks and former Toronto Maple Leaf player 

VIDEO - How the Urimat Urinal works

VIDEO - How it is made

Colour: White

Special Feature: Passive advertising display

lwh: 410x800x390 mm

Weight: 4400 g