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  • Great Product!

    "We have had the Urimat urinals installed for over 10 years now, great product...with water at a premium on golf courses, it's great we can do our part to save some water! Highly recommended!"
    Owner @ Arkona Fairways Golf Club
  • Fantastic Urinals!

    " As a plumber, I am working on urinals constantly. I'm not going to lie, I was dubious of waterless urinals from the beginning, I have seen and smelled the North. American waterless urinals are nasty. Urimat solves all the issues of pipe rot, and smell...pretty much foolproof! "
    Industrial/Commercial Plumber @ Bluewater Plumbing Inc.
  • Better Smell!

    "NTR (National Training Rinks) was set up to be a new unique hockey experience...We viewed the Urimat urinal system as a great fit...to separate us once again from the rest! ...the team at Swiss Eco was and is there whenever we need them...we are glad we made the shift to waterless urinals in all our facilities."
    Owner @ NTR - National Training Rinks and former Toronto Maple Leaf player
  • Better Customer Experience!

    "We have the Swiss Eco Twist faucets and the urinals in all of our locations...all very cool restroom fixtures. We have seen a great improvement within the men's restrooms; less smelly than the flushed urinals we had. Great decision to implement this European technology."
    Area Manager @ The Keg Restaurants.
  • Meets our ESG goals!

    "We installed the EcoPlus polycarbonate waterless urinal with the custom display back in 2019. Bentall GreenOak takes pride in encouraging its facilities to adopt green technologies. The Urimat urinals have been a welcome addition to our water-saving measures."
    GM @ White Oaks Mall, London ON
  • Budget Friendly!

    " The Swiss Eco team has maintained our restrooms for over 4 years, any issues, they are onsite to help! The Urimat system works as described!"
    Operations @ Oxford Properties Inc
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