The Twist

Using embedded silver filaments to destroy potentially harmful water-borne bacteria. Silver is scientifically recognized as having effective anti-microbial and anti-bacterial usages. The patented Agion Safeguard technology makes this the most environmentally and safe faucet in the world!

Water-efficient with up to .5GPM - 1GPM saving and 70% water savings over traditional faucets.

Built in motion sensors to avoid germ-laden handles.

For added Energy savings, cold water only is an option with the .175 gpm Swiss Eco Jet faucet controller. The water is atomized and mixed with the ambient air for a tepid feel, thus saving energy.

Spray pattern will ensure you get the optimum clean while washing your hands.

Datasheets / Specifications: Swiss Eco Tap Design Line

Advantage in water and energy savings: Information on water and energy-savings