MB-Active Cleaner
Using hospital-grade far UV-c protection, to attack and destroy microbes like bacteria and viruses. Ensures no pathogens linger on the unit after use.
Dermatologically tested for skin-friendliness and found to be «very good». MB-ActiveCleaner eliminates the bad odours caused when organic matter decomposes. It is particularly well suited for maintenance cleaning and odour elimination in heavily used washrooms & sanitary facilities.

MB-ActiveCleaner contains micro-organisms that penetrate the pores (joints) and destroy any odours
caused by organic residues deposited there, leaving a pleasant and lasting freshness. Used daily, it prevents
odours from developing.

By delaying re-soiling, MB-ActiveCleaner makes an active contribution to maintaining cleanliness in all environments.

Areas of application

Toilets and sanitary facilities 

Washrooms and showers

Façades, passages and stairways 

Waste containers and refuse collection stations 

Floors, carpets etc.

How To Use?